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What TFF Members Have To Say

Wouldn't survive forex without Raghee.

FR Cape Town small.jpg

Thank you! The depth and expertise is phenomenal. Raghee's attention to detail and passion for her teaching is sooo welcome. It's taken me a long time to understand the art of this, and more importantly managing my own psychology - that has been the biggest obstacle. Now overcome. It's really a "softly softly catchee monkey style"....Be patient.

So money management and personality management have been key to building my small account into a gradually growing figure. Thanks to a great teacher...Here's to you!

Freddie R

I cant say how happy I am to have joined you and TFF. I am learning so much and started to make money from day one I joined

4-13-2014 11-25-48 AM

My 2 cents = Do you own research I did. It lead me to join TFF and I very happy I did. I did not find Raghee via some marketing campaign - I found her by doing extensive research and due diligence for months. Long story short I think Raghees $147 per month is too under priced compared to all of the $5k or more holy grail deals that is out there and which people loose money on when I got my money back DAY 1. (and that by trading a small account). Thanks a ton Raghee!! You are an awesome mentor and your patience to teach noobs like me from scratch is pretty damn impressing! I am not sure how many times you have to go over some stuff over and over...and over again on a daily basis.. and you do that in such a positive no-nonsense way that builds confidence being a trader.

Roland V

I am most impressed with the way Raghee Horner treats markets!


Since the inception of my trading career in 2006, I have had the opportunity to have interaction with some very good traders, read some practical, useful books on the subject and come across multiple trading systems and of course each of these systems has its own pros and cons...But so far I am most impressed with the way Raghee Horner treats markets! It is very fair to say that she has all ability to take a holistic view of pertinent issues and aptly dissects the given instrument for best and most viable estimates in future.

Ali F

TFF provides unmatched learning resources for the to-be career trader.

Raghee Horner is a great educator and mentor, who gives freely of what she has mastered - trading the markets. Any to be trader who seriously contemplates a full-time career trading the markets, ought to take up her mentorship!

Raghee has strategies that actually repeatedly work across all markets of-the-charts! She is an easy-to-be-with mentor, who is transparent with a penchant for teaching. Great work Raghee.

With kindest regards from New Zealand.

Sunil M.

Thank you so very much for helping me realize my dream.



I have learned so much from you. Your easy to follow instructions and patience in explaining things, no matter how often you may have explained the same things, has made the biggest difference for me. I have been trading off and on for almost five years between equities and forex and for the FIRST time in those five years I have posted consistent profits month after month. Thank you so very much for helping me realize my dream.

Becky M

I would recommend her to anybody looking to learn how to trade consistently and profitably.


The consistency and quality of the trading Raghee does is the best I've encountered since I started trading in 2009.

I would recommend her to anybody looking to learn how to trade consistently and profitably.


Jennet S

You can't get an education like this from books.

You can't get an education like this from books.

Listening to Raghee describe her approach to the markets and watching her execute her trading plan is like getting to mind meld with a Super Trader.

She doesn't hold anything back.

Tricia G

TradeForexFutures is Transformative.

FR .jpg

I don't know where to begin really. Raghee Horner is that rarest of rare breeds. A brilliant brilliant teacher, a hugely successful trader who shares her book with us all so we know how often she calls it right, trades with us all, advises us, explains it to us, and transforms the way we all trade. Simply a stunningly good teacher. I understand so much now, and especially I also understand myself better - and can control myself better - so win far more than I lose.
And believe you me that's because this Raghee works magic. She's been trading over 20 years. You could fit what she doesn't know on the back of postage stamp. And such good fun to spend time with every day. Seriously good sense of humour, so she could almost be English. Totally committed to her clients. So thank you Raghee. You've changed my trading abilities beyond recognition.

Freddie R

Market overview & Learning source


TradeForexFutures.com is great. Raghee is giving me a lot of new information about markets and how to trade.

Thanks, and great work.



Martin R

She is the Real Deal.

Raghee is an excellent trader and teacher. She is an honest, open book. You can see her trades and learn techniques clearly and simply.

She is extremely knowledgeable in FOREX, FUTURES, STOCKS, and OPTIONS.

I have been to other sites that are four times more expensive but results were just mediocre.

I have gained 40% in my FOREX account alone in a month just following her trades. She is a very committed professional, who is good for all New or Experienced traders.

She is the Real Deal.

Hari S

The BEST " Forex - Futures Tutoring" Money can Buy!


TradeForexFutures.com and Raghee have changed me as a TRADER and showed me that there is HOPE in Trading. After lots of hustlers and "brokers" who tried to scam me, I've discovered, thanks to TFF-Raghee, that Trading could be a respectable profession and also PROFITABLE but only IF you're approaching it in the appropriate manner.

Thanks guys, love your work, KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB!

All the best from Bucharest - Romania...

Marius - Sebastian S
























Oh so you read all the way to the bottom? Cool! Well, you’re a lot like me.

The Mis-Education of a Trader. When I first found the markets it set my imagination going in a way nothing else ever had. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss (aka financially independent), in fact I considered myself fairly unemployable but - as you may already know - reality sets in and I went through the motions: After graduating college with a degree in English, bound for law school, I convinced myself (and a disapproving Ma) that I needed a little time off. Unfortunately that meant get a “job”. Work didn’t bother me. I mean I wasn’t lazy. I considerer myself quite the entrepreneur actually.

While in college I was partly self-employed. I had got my PADI Divemaster certification and that meant could get paid to work on a dive boat. A lifeguard if you will, taking people back and forth to dive sites up and down the east coast of Florida. It was a blast. I worked with my college roommate and Divemastered on boats in Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and even in the Bahamas. I was getting paid for something I’d basically do for free. Mind you, I didn’t make much money but I was having fun. This was no career path though. That would soon change.

Unbeknownst to my Ma, I was skipping classes on Wednesday a couple times a month so the captain I worked for and I could take a diver who would charter out the boat. The dive boat I worked was a very nice single prop, Delta 24 that could carry 12 divers. On certain Wednesdays, we’d take just one. Our VIP would pull into to parking lot in a Porsche and always with the latest and greatest dive gear. When you’re an ambitious 19-year-old, all that leaves an impression. Over the course of a few dive trips, I befriended this diver. I mean who else was there to talk to? And it ended up he was a trader. I didn’t have a clue what that meant but he seemed happy and had all the trappings of success. I knew I needed to know whatever it was that he knew and wanted to do whatever it was that he did. Over the next few months, he would teach me on the way to and back from the dive sites about the markets; gold, oil, corn, sugar, bonds, and cotton. He was a commodity futures trader.

After I graduated college, broke my Ma’s heart by telling her that I was in fact NOT going to law school, and wanted to start my own business, I set about figuring out exactly what that would be…When life wants you to do something, meet someone, go somewhere it keeps putting it in your path. The markets oddly enough had been there all along. In high school after seeing my first laptop hooked into the 14.4 baud modem of a blocky IBM laptop and studying my cousin’s portfolio of stocks, I had already known a little something about this world. It was along with my first high school job, I was introduced to the markets my by Ma.

She didn’t know it back in ‘86 but my Ma became quite the savvy investor. Dare I even say a bit of a market timer. It wasn’t for fun. My Ma was 41 when my father passed away and she had 13 and 15-year-old daughters still to raise on her own, put through college, and all while figuring out how to keep a roof over our head. Armed with the daily paper and Mr. Humberto Cruz’s articles, my Ma turned a small grubstake into a respectable sum over the course of a decade. She invested in mutual funds and reinvested dividends in IBM. Upon getting hired for my first job in high school (which she hated that I did: “You’re job is getting good grades!”) she let me know that 25% of whatever I made would go to her and she would invest in a mutual fund. Of course being a teenager and basically a headstrong know-it-all I set about a plan to undo this “injustice” of not letting me spend my own hard-earned money.

My father was an engineer and I had dozens of his old engineering graph paper pads. Each day I would look at the business section of the Sun-Sentinel and find the symbol for my mutual fund. (It’s funny to me now as I look back how much energy I put into being a rebellious smartass…)I would plot the closing price Monday through Friday on the graph paper. Unknowingly I was actually creating a price chart for myself. Page after page over the course of months, I plotted the price of my Vanguard fund. (I still invest with Vanguard and think John Bogle is a genius.) My intension was to prove to my Ma that the money she was collecting from me was losing money therefore I should get to keep it. What I learned through the course of a handful of months was something that would change the trajectory of my life and what I thought was possible forever.

It didn’t take long to realize the difference in what I gave my Ma and what the value of the fund had grown to for me to understand that I was making money while I slept. Figuratively and literally: I was “asleep” to what the markets could do. The appreciation of my money as I did nothing to it was like being awake for the first time. Subsequently I never questioned my Ma again and began to study market timing. I began to see patterns emerge over the course of a year and certain highs and lows in my mutual fund price. I knew when it made sense to buy more when it was “cheap” all while investing each month. I thought I was a genius - as all teenagers do! - and I thought it was time to share what I learned with my cousin. He was my idol, my mentor, and of course I wanted to impress him. He told me that people did indeed invest and trade the markets, that it was something risky but profitable if I educated myself in the risks of the market and developed a strategy. “Educated myself?” Was this something I could learn in college? Not quite. Somehow or other - I can’t quite recall anymore - I got my hands on a copy of Richard Schabacker’s “Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits” (which was originally published in 1932) and it rocked my world. It was my dad’s engineering graph paper charts and much, much more only written 50-years before my little experiment.

Back in 1988 - years before TV viewers knew of CNBC - there wasn’t much a 16-year-old girl could do about her newfound love of the markets. This was well before the mega-book stores, well before the internet as we know it today, and well before streaming quotes to an iPhone. FNN, the Financial News Network, was the only established business cable channel. In 1988 my friends weren’t interested in my investing prowess, in fact it was so nerdy I didn’t tell anyone. Just to give you an idea of “1988”: The biggest hit was George Michael’s “Faith” and the Oscar for best movie went to “The Last Emperor”. It was also the year Michael Douglas won Best Leading Actor for a little movie called “Wall Street”. I would quietly track and invest in the market through college.

And that brings me full circle to taking time off after graduating college.



If you enjoyed this, let me know, and feel free to share YOUR story with me.